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Lyman or Midway / FA vibratory tumblers?


I’ve pretty much narrowed it down to these to brands of gun-shop
tumblers to get. I have heard lots of good reviews for the Midway/FA
one. I am wondering if anybody has experienced the Lyman Turbo Twin.
Even better if someone had BOTH of them and could give me a complete
comparison. I have a feeling the Midway/FA tumbler has a quieter
motor and a stronger plastic whole (ribbed) but it definitel tells
you not to use liquid and I would be using it for steel shots. The
smallest Lyman tumbler I know is okay for liquids since you can
tumble rocks in that as well.

I hope this goes through because I have been trying to post the same
question for a week now. H.Wu


Hello, I have used the Midway successfully with water, and yes I did
see the warning. I do believe it is the same as one built for
jewelry use, only a different color. Compare shape and motor and you
too may see the similarities. Items sold to jewelry end use are
usually higher cost then for another. Dental is one with cross use
and often lower cost. HTH Teresa


I have a small vibratory Lyman tumbler from the gun shop. I don’t
produce much but I have been pleased with it. It’s a top loader so
there aren’t problems with leaking. I have only used steel shot with

Marilyn Smith