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Lucy Lawless (Was: YAK Summer Xmas)

I forwarded your NZ yak to my daughter, who is interested in
Kiwiland through her infatuation with Lucy Lawless and "Xena,
Warrior Princess" and is a budding authoress.  I thought she



I did a pair of specs for the show Zena. As you probably know
it’s shot up here in Auckland). In a scene where a woman-Judge
character enters looking all studious and aloof and, yes, wearing
specs! (This is set BC, way before Nero used an emerald as
sunglasses to view the chariots and lions in the midday sun). I
didn’t see the episode when the stoneage eyewear appeared, but
apparently she (the judge) eventually shed the eyeglasses,
loosened her lustrous hair from the confines of the … I better
stop, I’m getting away from myself here … So maybe you could
ask your daughter if she remembers the episode and if she liked
the anacronism!

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