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Lucas foot pedal

I have to recommend this foot pedal for anyone in the gem setting business. I read about them on a discussion from this forum and took a chance. My old original pedal was good also with my grobet flex shaft, but it eventually went to hell. The next one I got from stuller (one of the only ones available) just didn’t do the trick with my motor. I couldn’t go slow with it. It would jump to a high speed from nothing, uncontrollable. I was frustrated because seeing sometimes requires slow cutting speeds and control. This looks medal is the bomb! So smooth and sensitive as well as comfortable cause the pedal is very low to the floor.

Hello Shannon, I couldn’t help notice that you are very happy with your purchase of my LUCAS #9 Lowboy Rheostat, if you had purchased that directly from me instead of on Ebay, you would have been able to save a little money. In any event I am always happy to see a happy customer, and the one thing that you all seem to have in common… you are all “Happy”. If you should have any questions on our #9 Lowboy, please do not hesitate to contact me. We also manufacture our #9XR control which works on the Foredom TX machines. You can see all of our products on our website and you can contact us directly to our email address: Have a pleasant day, Regards, Richard Lucas.

Thanks Richard

I was under the assumption it was from you. It looked like the lucas company. I thought it was just another way for you to get them out. I do love it. I lived with two crap ones for the last year. This is going the trick. It’s so low I wind up stepping on the tall back of it.


Hello Shannon, you did get two… didn’t you. I do have other ways to get them out to the public… Regards, Richard Lucas

Yes. I need one at home too, so I took a chance. I hate sending things back. I probably would have kept them but thankfully they are wonderful

Well it looks like you did keep both of them, since I didn’t get any back from you. Regards, Richard Lucas

I recently purchased one and although I wasn’t able to order online, the Customer Service was phenomenal. Thank you for a great quality product.

Hello Bernadette Johnson, and thank you for your phenomenal thank you on our #9 Lowboy Rheostat, its always nice to hear from satisfied customers. Thank you, Regards, Richard Lucas :grinning:

I ordered two #9 Lowboys from Richard Lucas on 9/20 to replace my over 45 year old rusty EE pedal and more recent plastic SR pedal. The Lucas pedals arrived on 9/24. They were well packaged and I installed them last night. They are solid with good speed control and work great. Thanks Richard for the prompt service…Rob

The Lucas has been my go-to pedal since 1994.

Changes the flex shaft experience. At least for me!

Please excuse any typos-- curse my clumsy digits…

Just received my 2 Lucas pedals l agree they are good as everyone claims! I use LX ,TX at my bench so 2smaller pedals also takes up a lot less space.Thank you to the very nice man that took my order and the very quick delivery.

Thank you Audrey for your nice thread on our #9 Lowboy, and that nice man that took your order was non other than Richard Lucas. Have a pleasant day Audrey, Regards, Richard Lucas :slight_smile:

Hello again Audrey, just to clarify to anyone who may be seeing these threads, you purchased (2) of the Lucas #9XR Lowboys which are designed to be used on the Foredom LX & TX dc motors, not to be confused with our standard #9 Lowboy Rheostats…and also special thanks to rmeixner & andy_c for their threads… Regards, Richard Lucas.

My pleasure, Richard. I believe in your product.

Please excuse any typos-- curse my clumsy digits…

Hi. Noticed that you have a Grobet pendant motor. How long have you had it for? I also have a Grobet but fitted it with a Foredom pedal and I can control it from a very low rpm all the way to max.