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LPG torch suddenly flares


hi wise ones.

I purchased a new LPG setup- a gas bottle, longish hose, handle,
torch part with knob to regulate gas flow and nozzle (nozzle "thingy"
I’m not sure of the right name for it). The nozzle part has holes all
around it as well as the hole where the flame comes out (pretty
normal I think). There is a not-very-close-up picture on my blog of
the torch and setup if I’ve explained that really badly.

Anyway- I assembled it all as the shop advised me- everything finger
tight except the hose-to-bottle thread which I did up with a
spanner, but gently (I didn’t damage any seals or anything).

My question is this. Twice when I have been soldering, the torch
suddenly “flares”- and yellow flames blossom from the neck of the
torch part- I think coming from the holes where air goes in (?) or
the base of the nozzle. I quickly turned the gas off (at the torch
end). When I turned the gas on again, I noticed a rattle coming from
the place where I think the jet is. When it cooled down a bit, the
rattle went away and the torch worked fine. I think this flare thing
has happened twice, and I certainly don’t let my eyebrows get too
close now!

I have also noticed a faint smell of gas when i am using the torch-
not sure if this is normal or if it’s a clue that I don’t have
something done up correctly (I have checked and it all seems tight-
maybe ‘finger tight’ means tighter than I think?

[I am working in well ventilated space, and have moved the hose from underfoot as it’s pictured in the photo]

thanks in advance, I realise how basic this question is!



sounds like a rosebud tip that is clogged, just use some fine needle
tips and clean each hole then wipe the head down with denatured
alcohol, that should do it…

Oh, also you don’t need that large a tip - the rosebud you are
describing is for melting- try a smaller "single hole at the front"
tip Check out Some catalogues for weelding suppliers in your area,
they gebnerally stock cheaper tips than a jewlery supply…if you
have a hoke type torch, buy the small metal adapter set it is perfect
for jewelery work and adds a lot of diversity to your torch. rer


replying to my own post- a kind person offered the opinion offlist
that I needed to tighten things up more. Did so (used a spanner and
was gentle)- and so far so good. No gas smell at all, and no flares.