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Low tech vibrating platform

Greetings all

I came across a helpful hint on the web last night while
researching RTV mold making techniques.

From reading the posts on Orchid, I see that many of the members
have their studios at home. In that case, if you happen not to
have a vibrating machine to de-air investment or RTV ( when
casting a mold ) or if yours should go on the fritz, try this:

place the item ( flask, moldframe, etc. ) on top of your washing
machine and turn it on. Although the article didn’t specify, I
believe the spin cycle would work best. If this doesn’t generate
enough vibration by itself, place a towel or a pair of jeans in
the washer so that when it spins it will be slightly off
balance, to create more action.

I hope this simple idea will be of benefit to someone.

Best regards

Ken Shields