Low-Tech High-tech - How do you swing?

I’m gathering ideas for a small series of lectures and demos to an
undergrad jewellery class and would like some help fron other Orchids
in bloom. I’d like some definitions first, and would also like to
expand on my own high-tech/low-tech equipment choices and design
decisions that I make almost unconsciously, and I notice I have a
professed tendency towards soft-tech/low-tech materials and methods
when I design/make jewellery objects. I’m thinking about what I do and
what I believe I do. Can you help me by discussing your own beliefs
and actual practices?

	soft-tech - 
	low-tech - 
	hard-tech -  
	high-tech - 

Which of these is your main tendency when making jewellery?

Why, and what things are important to you about your technology

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