Louise Coulson's New marketing e-book

There is a new marketing book available, addressing jewelry artisans
and jewelers specifically, and especially for web design. It’s called
“Showcase; A Step-by-Step Guide to Help You Develop, Maintain and
Market Your Own Jewelry Website,” written by Louise Coulson, an
Orchid member. Usual disclaimer here–not related to her, not a
business partner, and didn’t know her before purchasing the book, and
no special considerations given because of my endorsement.

Now, let me tell you about this book. A lot of what is in this book
is directed towards marketing. Regardless of whether or not you’re
using a website as a portal to your business, and whether or not you
do jewelry, the marketing principles are the same in a broad area.
However, this manual bridges a typical store front small business to
the small businesses that are independently owned and operated by one
or two people. The kind of people that most of us on this forum
are–trying to make a living through a combination of shows,
galleries and commissions.

This lady was in the trenches of corporate marketing, and she can
cut your learning curve markedly. What took me years to learn the
hard way is laid out concisely and succinctly in her book. I’ve also
learned a few new things I feel will help me to set myself apart from
my competitors and mass jewelry.

The best part is, it addresses concerns that are unique to those of
us in jewelry. We straddle the line between fine art and fine craft,
so we don’t really fit into either catagory, or typical marketing
categories, as well as some of the special concerns for those of us
that have home studios rather than storefronts.

It’s a very nice book, and it has been worth the price. Go to her
website and view the list of contents to see if you think it might
help you. http://www.fine-wire-jewelry.com/showcase/ Maybe Hanuman
will offer it through Ganoksin biblioteca so some proceeds can go to
support our favorite jewelry forum?