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Lots of gas

hi everyone,
please forgive my soapboxing.

propane, actylene, mapp, methane, kerosene, alcohol, hydrogen
and most anything that burns can be used to solder or cast
metal. a candle and blowpipe to make fillagree in india, a
blowpipe and kerosene to granulate india. gasoline and a bellows
for silver fillagree in mexico. alcohol and a blowpipe/bellows
to solder in england.

in many places where we have so many choices, i believe it boils
down to this: what is available and what do you like the best
for your application.

not all the things mentioned above safe and healthful, but they
all work for the people who use them. they want to do their work
and use what is available.

in our insurance infested world it is wise to heed their
dictatums. however, how many of us have crossed a street against
a red light after looking both ways? if caught, it might make
our rates go up, but was it really unsafe?

look both ways, and be sure the propane(or whatever) tank next
to your bench is turned off when you go home.

best regards,

geo fox