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Lost wax class


Does anyone know of a reasonable 1 week class in the USA that
teaches lost wax casting? I am a hobbyist, but will take a week
off the professional schedule and travel in the USA to go to
class for a week, save some learning curve, etc.

I would liek to spend about 1/2 the time on the technical
aspects and half the time, more importanly, on the artistic
aspects of wax model making.

Obviously in a 1 week class, the closest we will get to being a
master jeweler is, perhaps, being able to pronounce it, but a
good start can’t hurt.

Any positive or negative comments or suggestions would be

Mark Zirinsky, Denver, Colorado USA

You might consider the Stewart School in Jupiter, Florida. They
offer a lost wax/ casting class several times a year. I believe
it is a 5 day program, 7 hrs a day, for $600.00 Two of my
studiomates have decided to take the jewelry repair course later
this year. Rick Hamilton

Richard D. Hamilton, Jr

Since you asked, I and my business partner teach one on one
classes. Each one specializes in a specific area. Our shop is set
up with an additional work space for a student. We feel that
everything can not be taught in one weekend workshop. That is why
we specialize with week long sessions focusing on specific areas.
We charge a set fee this includes materials, tools, all supplies,
and our constant smiling faces. If you are interested E-mail me
@Redray1 Thomas (RED) Ray

Hi, Mark:

Try the William Holland School of Lapidary Arts in Young Harris,
Ga. Phone: 706-379-2126. They teach a basic course in one week
and it only costs $225 for room, board and tuition.


Hi Gayle,

Have you (or anyone else reading this) ever attended a class at
Wm. Holland? Impressions, thoughts? I’ve seen their
advertisements, and its a day’s drive from me. I’ve always been
interested but never talked to anyone who has actually been

Dave Sebaste

Hi, Dave:

I just responded to Alan about Holland. Let me know if you
didn’t see my reply.

If you have any other questions, I’ll be happy to answer them.