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Lost wax casting

Any tips on lost wax and delft clay casting please, especially tips on pouring the gold into the mould. Is a furnace or flame better ? Thanks

If you go to my website and look on the links page you will find a PDF about poring ingots and delft clay casting. Pouring melted metal can be a bit of a challenge. You need a stead continuous pour, but not necessary fast. Make sure that the metal is well melted and the crucible is hot, especially the pouring spout. Casting in Delft clay is easy and a lot of fun. I pour most of my ingots in either delft clay or petrobond and they always turn out nice. Good luck…Rob

Thankyou, I will look into it now. Since I wrote that post I found out the casting machine was £8000! So I don’t think this is really an option for me. What do you think about centifrugal casting machines that you just spin?

I have had one sitting in my shop for 45 years and have never used it. One more piece of equipment that I really didn’t need. I have found good use for the kiln and recently rebuilt it to add a new pyrometer and controller. I use it to heat harden silver and temper tools that I make. Others may be more help on the usefulness of a centrifugal casting arm…Rob

Hi Misspippa. I love casting in delft for one off things but it is a lot of trial and error to get it right. I have made a simple vacuum set up from partially DIY stuff but yes it is some expences involved nomatter how you look at it.

As for your question, since im doing vacuum casting i can not say how happybi was having bought a cheap 3kg electric furnace because torch melting metal may take some time and by the time metal is melted to 100-150 c above melting temperature the investment flask will have gotten too cold so that id get cracking in the castings.

The furnace is one of my most pleassurable accuirements by far. When heated its really quick to melt silver again and again.

Hope that was some use to you :slightly_smiling_face: