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Lost Wax Casting

Judith! I have some wax carving methods I use in conjunction
with opals that I think are a little different. Or to put it
another way, I’ve never seen anyone else doing it. I actually
build the wax around the stone using a mini torch and foot
control wax pen. Carefully applying the torch to the wax produces
a nice shiny effect without the need to use sandpaper. This
method produces some very interesting “organic” shapes. If you
need some opals to try it out, please get in touch.




I’m sure you will get lots of replies, but what is it you want
to knw?

FWIW: as best I recall, the wax that I’ve seen being used around
Maxon’s has been the blue stuff . . . .

Joel Kahn <@Joel_Kahn>
Comptroller for Maxon’s Jewelers
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2622 S Glenstone, Springfield Missouri 65804 USA
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