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Lost Stones

Some time ago, I lost a small but very expensive opal in the Los
Angeles branch of the Bermuda Triangle that I call my studio. I
looked for it for weeks before replacing it, having to re-make
the setting as it was odd-sized. Lets say that the annoyance
level was high. Even after the piece went out, this opal became
my obsession. Boy, did that messy studio get “cleaned
up”,(foreign phrase with no exact meaning). In my increasingly
ridiculous search, I would periodically think of somewhere new,
and with a hearty,“AHA!” move something. Only to be dissapointed
again, (by now you’ve all figured out that I have no life). A year
passed, and one day I was reaching high up on my peg-board tool
wall for an obscure tool that I almost never use. You guessed
TOOL! Yes, I admit it. It was I that made that ungodly scream
that you all heard three years ago, when you wondered…,“what
the hell was that?”. I only banged my head on my work table a
few times before I laughed myself silly,. That’s my sad
story. %) Lisa

That is how my studio gets cleaned, too! The more irreplaceable
and the more lost the item is, the more clean the studio gets.
And I feel a bench reorganizing coming up - I haven’t been able
to find my burnisher lately.


Don’t forget to brush out your hair and check your pockets for
stones…after loosing the only citrine I had that was the
right side one day I cleaned the studio out looking for
it…then after dinner brushed out my hair upstairs and had the
horrid experience of watching it pop out of my hair and down the
sink drain…aaaaargh!

Similar experiences with pockets they pop into.


Dear Karen It may still be in the trap of the sink drain. Worth
taking a look? Another Karen

Hello all: Also remember that Diamonds love grease and oil so
if there is any in the drain pipe it will stick and might not
even make it down to the trap.

Michael Mathews Victoria,Texas USA