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Lost class ring: HELP Please

Gerry, and any others out there in Orchid land; The thread concerning
a Marine Corps ring replacement has caught my interest, though I
never in a million years would have thought so!!! Here is the sob
story, if I don’t bore you too much. Once upon a time there was a
young cadet attending a four year military school. Well in the
process of attending this modified hell hole that was detuned for
young people of high school level, oh and yes they had a Junior
college portion ( our commanding officers ) that made it possible to
go through all the B.S. and come out with a commission in the U.S.
Army. Not exactly what I wanted during the height of the Viet-Nam
conflict, however I did gain an esprit-de-corps for the school and my
other cadets that has never wavered, even after all these years. I
know, this is where the boo hoo’s come in. Over the many years since
our graduation I had misplaced, lost or had stolen my school ring. As
this was a special ring made for our class by the Balfoure company, I
have been tossing around the idea of having the ring recast and made
to the original specs. The problem for me seems to be that I can no
longer find the manufacturers of it. Might you our any one else have
some current address , phone #, fax of web site for them? I may be
misspelling their name as Balfour, but I do know it was something
quite similar. The other clue I ca give is that they made class rings
for many schools during the sixties and seventies. I have some very
close friends that still have theirs and I have given thought of
making a cast of theirs, However, I’m not sure they would give up–
even temporarily-- to a klutz who lost his own ring. I really can’t
blame them for having doubts. Please, any help would be of
appreciation that is not able to be measured in any terms, except in
emotional. You all have been just great on this forum and whether you
can or cannot hel me in this i will always appreciate all of you. Again
Thank You,

Richard W. Blahnik III
Lufkin, Texas