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Los Angeles setter

Hi! Does anyone in the LA area have a good setter? I have one,
but he’s not reliable to do clean work each time, and he recently
tripled his price on a piece that he’s been setting for me for 2
years without letting me know first so I didn’t have time to
change my price points to my customer… bummer!


Amery Carriere,
Assistant to the Director
Annenberg School for Communication
School of Communication
3502 Watt Way ASC304 F
LA, CA 90089-0281

phone: 213.740.0934
fax: 213.740.3913

I have used “New York Gems” (in LA). I think they are on 5th or
6th street. It is a korean man that is excellent. Does great
stone cutting, inlay work, and is very fair priced.

If you can’t find him . E-mail me and I will locate his #.

Joe Kilpatrick

Try Peter Solomon of precious metal arts, he has been a jeweler
for a while and even spent 5 or so years teaching jewelry
manufacturing at GIA. You can find him at 2510 main st., Santa
Monica, CA (310) 581-4844