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Lortone tumbler slow start-up

I have owned a Lortone tumbler, Model 45C-NR, for many years.
Recently, when turned on, it starts slowly, then speeds up after a
few seconds. Then I put the barrel in place, and it runs fine.

However, I wonder what might be causing the slow start-up. I oil the
external places regularly, and I use a level to make sure the tumbler
is not sitting at an angle. But I am wary of taking off the motor
covers. Does it sound like I might need a new belt? Any opinions?

Thanks in advance,
Judy Bjorkman

Hi Judy,

Might need a new belt or the belt might be a tad loose. Unplug it
and take the cover off - it won’t bite. It is a very simple piece of
machinery inside. Belts are readily available from Lortone dealers
but try adjusting the belt a little tighter first and see if that
fixes the problem.