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[Looking4] Workshops on raising holloware

Hello, I have been making jewelery for a while now. Mostly silver,
but lately I’ve been incorporating turquoise and lapis stones. One
of the things I really want to learn is the technique of raising
holloware. I can’t seem to find much though. Does anyone
out there have any or know of any video workshops on this technique?
I would love to do a workshop but haven’t found much. Would anyone
consider doing a video workshop or DVD ? HELP! I need to learn!!! Any
ideas would be much appreciated.

Thanks to all.
Michael Grace

Hello Michael, Check out this webpage, it is from the Goldsmith’s
Company Library and training webpages. They offer a Masterclass DVD
called “The Theory & Practice of Hand Raising” by the silversmith
Chris Lawrence, it costs UKP15, to UK trade members. If you are not
in the UK write and check out it’s availabilty. Chris Lawrence is a
well known UK silversmith and the DVD is well worth getting. See;

Peace and good health to all,
James Miller FIPG.


Where do you live? I give courses on raising silver, I start with
copper as it feels the same as silver and is less expensive to learn
on. FIT in NY has a course taught by Gennady Osmerkin and he is
exceptional. I live in Ventura, CA. I really don’t recommend video
workshops, because you need to experience the pressure and actual
hammering experience as taught by an instructor. I spend time on
ergonomics as I injured myself raising and after 30 years it hasn’t

You can reach me personally at: jenenamel at sbcglobal dot net

Jennifer Friedman