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[Looking4] Vintage knife edge draw plate

I am looking to buy a knife edge wire drawplate which is no longer
manufactured. the holes on the plate look like a very skinny tear
drop shape. The one that I am familiar with was made by Joliet Paris.
Does anyone have one to sell or know where I can find one?

Hi Annie,

I am looking to buy a knife edge wire drawplate which is no longer

This draw plate is possibly (‘expected’ in the catalogue) available
in the UK, details below. Product Code: 999 CBV
Catalogue Page: 548

Made from steel and has 20 knife edge holes ranging from 1.0x2.1mm -
3.0x6.3mm. Looking at the small image in their catalogue it is not a
Joliet Paris, it’s made in Italy. I am lucky I own an old Joliet.

Mary UK


I don’t know if you have seen Frei and Borel’s catalog, but in the
section on drawplates they have a page listing shapes that you can
custom order. They have a minimum order amount and the wait time is
pretty considerable…I believe it’s 3 months, but they have a shape
that looks like what you are looking for. The shapes aren’t listed
on-line, only in the catalog. Maybe they could email or fax you a
copy of that page. I’d contact them. They’re a great company to work

Annie, if the type of drawplate you’re looking for is the type that
Mary mentions, then a similar type of drawplate is normally in stock
at Frei and Borel.

The picture from Cooksons looks slightly narrower than the one
available at F&B, but you should check it out to see if it’s
acceptable. F&B also has a triangular drawplate with swelled sides
that is narrower, but it doesn’t have straight sides

I have the entire series of the high triangle shape. They are Italian
made. I’ve used them a lot and really love them. If for some reason
Frei and Borel doesn’t have them in stock, you may also be able to
get them at Progress tool ( As I mentioned
before, you can custom order other shapes from F&B. They do have
narrow triangular shaped plates listed.

Good luck