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[Looking4] Used Tools to set up a studio

Hi All (again) -

I thought I’d make an official email/plea for anyone who is selling
off their studio tools (to replace with new, getting out of the
business, etc) to contact me. I am mainly looking for the ‘big
pieces’ as I have a small collection of files and hammers from when I
was at art school. This is my first studio set up. I have given up my
full time design job in Switzerland to come back to the US to follow
my original jewelry making dream (hence 4 years at art school!) I am
doing a residence in Corning Iowa (population 1900, come by and see
us!) and although it’s a great position I am currently earning $0 and
still have all of the normal payments (car, insurance, rent,
utilities). That’s why I am hoping to find someone ready to get rid
of their old pieces. I am looking for grants and loans but any of the
following items someone might have would really really help. I am
currently looking for:

-tumble vibe (upright kind with ceramic media for smoothing)
-tumbler (drum on it’s side, for polishing)
-drawhorse, tongs, plates
-dapping block and daps
-rolling mill
-mini torch or regular torch set up (including regulators, hoses,
tips, etc.)
-if I am missing any studio basics please give me a heads up.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I am looking forward to
becoming a fully contributing member of Orchid once I am set up and
as experienced (gaining experience?) as all of you wonderful folk :wink: