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[Looking4] Used steamer

Hey guys and gals,

Does anyone have a lead as to where i could find a good used
professional steamer (hoffman or the like) i need a workhorse. I took
a gander on ebay and stuller overstock and didn’t really see
anything. I guess i was hoping someone would know a of place that
maybe sells refurbs. Any help would be appreciated.

thanks Guy.

There is a used Hoffman steamer at

You may request a photo and price for the gently used steamer.


Heh! Define commercial!

There is a Rehab Store not far from me that has all of the “guts” of
a steam room generator CHEAP. Its about the size of larger commercial
jewelry steamers that I have seen and my first thought when I saw it
sitting there was that I could easilly repurpose it to be used as a
jewelry streamer.

I happen to have a Reliable brand steamer or I would have moved
forward with the idea. It would very likely be a little overkill for
the volume needs that I have.

I’d be more than happy to investigate further for you if you contact
me offline.

Keith Hible


Contact all the suppliers of equipment to the jewelry business. They
sometimes take in trades, or have trade show demo models available. I
have one I am refurbishing for sale next week. I will mention it here
on Orchid before I put it on eBay.

The Jewelry Equipment Dr.