[Looking4] Used didymium safety glasses


Still tooling up for enamelling. I know that I need eye protection.
If there is anyone who is leaving that activity, or is upgrading your
eyewear, I am willing to consider buying your used glasses at half
price. Fitovers would be best. Please contact me off line if you have
a set to sell.

Andrew Jonathan Fine

Didymium glasses? for vitroeus enamelling?

Perhaps some one can enlighten me.

I did enamelling with kilns torches and muffles for 7 yrs,
researched enamels and techniques in depth and never heard of eye
protection with glasses.

Now glass blowers use glasses to reduce the orange/yellow glare from
flamed/torched sodium glass Is this what your referring in to?

Never hada problem looking at enamel melting up to 1000deg c. over
this time.

Ted in

hello andrew,

Dydmium glass eye protection is required by The William Holand
Lapidary School in Young Harris GA, USA…they sell em and are
probably selling stock they bought years ago as the eyewear is
somewhat hard-to-find. You may consider them as your first
source…but they are not the most responsive, nor together org. on
the planet- that said, a call direct to them, in season, during a
work day would be your best bet…the ganoksin archives have
discussions of the reasons dydmium is useless…I happen to DISAGREE
and think it appropriate for enamelling ( though there are equally
good readily avaialble alternatives…)…the FLA. society of
goldsmiths has many members that frequent william holland too, so
posting an ad in their newsletter may get you a used set/pair of