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[Looking4] [US] Wax carver

why don't you do it yourself. Wax carving is not really difficult.
Even if you fail first time, you will succeed on second or third
time. Use it as an opportunity to learn. 

Leonid will all due respect I wholeheartedly disagree. I taught wax
carving and design for over ten years.

As a seasoned master model wax carver I can tell you that it is
extremely difficult. My work is all over the planet. The niche of wax
carving is challenging and requires the touch of a surgeon in some
instances, just like watchmaking or watch repair.

By the way if anyone wants to carve wax models that will accommodate
stones that are to be set it is not advisable to take the model on
unless you are a seasoned stone setter. Creating nightmares for your
setter or polisher is a common mistake for inexperienced wax carvers.
Take a look at my “easy” wax models that I’ve carved on my website.
Just sayin’ wink

Margie Mersky