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[Looking4] US-made black ceramic rings

Hi All,

I’ve been looking around trying to find a source for black ceramic
rings that are manufactured in the US- so far it seems they are all
made in China. I’m altering them and would also like to be able to
talk with someone about ordering custom styles in small quantities.
I would love any leads, thanks so much!

All my best,
Julia Turner

Hi Julia,

Fable Designs ( ) makes custom
black ceramic rings (as well as black zirconium, cobalt, titanium,
tungsten, wood, camouflage, carbon fiber, stainless steel, etc), and
they do every bit of it in Utah.

They are wholesale to the trade only and I don’t know what their
requirements are, but I would guess that a JBT listing or rating
would be

the minimum. They are very friendly and easy to work with so a phone
call is definitely in order. I am an authorized retailer so if they
won’t ship to you, let me know and I’ll order what you need for you.
Their toll-free is (866) 847-4647.

Best of luck!
Dave Phelps