[Looking4] Unusual cabachons

I am looking for unusual cabachons…any of you who cut
cabs…please let me know of your sights. I used to have a few names
on my computer and I cannot seem to find them in my bookmarks…they
have dissappeared. Anyone with some Astorite? Thanks in advance!


Hi Mary, You are welcome to take a look at mine, I have a shop on
etsy. http://www.cabbingrough.etsy.com


Mary, I cut cabs…lots of freeforms…a fair amount of unusual
materials incl…gem silica, thulite and so on. I’m trying to get my
site finalize for it.


Mary, Could you please provide a bit more on your needs.
You asked about astorite but are you looking for unusual material or
free forms, etc? For example, I cut many different materials, sizes
and mostly freeforms from tiny (and I mean tiny) up to the 15-20cm
area. What is your preference as there are many cutters on Orchid who
do a variety of work.

Cheers from Don in SOFL.

Hi Mary

I like to think I cut some unusual cabs and often in unusual
materials but I’ve never heard of Astorite.

Anyway check out my Etsy store StoneTemple - Etsy

Thanks, Mark
Stone Temple Lapidary

“Astorite” is a marketing term, or trade name for ore from the
Toltec (gold) mine in Colorado, formerly owned by John Jacob Astor.
It is primarily rhodonite, with various amounts of gold, silver
copper and associated minerals in the matrix.

Astorite has not been recognized as a mineral name by the American
Federation of Mineral Societies (AFMS).

If you search, you can occasionally locate some specimen pieces, or
slabs on the internet - Last I heard, the owner of the mine is Keith
McFarland, Silverton, CO.

Chip Burnette

Not meaning to hijack this thread, but since it’s pretty well
related and already has the attention of a few lapidaries, I’d love
to find a source for chiastolite cabs that show a nice cross.
Everything I’ve been able to find is either slabs, spheres, or
drilled for beading.


Ron Kulakofsky’s greatcabochons.com … and for slabs to grind/polish
your own cabs, see his greatslabs.com

I swear by this guy! I’m a very happy customer. :slight_smile:


My husband has some different cabs in his shop:

Good luck on your quest.