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[Looking4] Turquoise scraps

A neighbor/customer has asked me to repair a sentimental bracelet
for her. There is a very small piece of turquoise missing that I need
to replace. We’re talking 4mmX5mm and 2mm thick. Would anyone have
some misc. scraps laying around in a medium sky blue-ish that I can
buy, trim down and use? I’d be happy and pay shipping… Yoi, the
things we do!


If you have a way of cutting and polishing the turquoise piece I have
some scraps you are welcome to use. They came from pieces I have
purchased from Natures Own. They have held up for the pieces I have
used them in. Let me know.

Ken Moore

Margie Yes, we have some med sky blue turquoise that will fit your
need. Give me a call and we can work out the details, Suzanne