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[Looking4] Trade shop to take over my accounts

Hi to everyone, I am hoping that someone can point me to some trade
shops in the mid-western or south-western USA that works on silver
jewelry. (I am located in Madison WI.)

I am no longer able to keep up with these accounts due to back
trouble that was made worse by an auto accident. I have lots of back
and arm pain with numbness in my arms and hands making it almost
impossible to do any work.

I would like to give my accounts an option for repair rather then
just leaving them in a tight spot with no way to do repairs so I
thought of my friends here on orchid.

thanks in advance, Jerry.

Hi Jerry,

Oh how I miss Madison… and so very sorry to hear of your pains…
I hope one of these sources in Madison can help you & your clients:

Burnie’s Rock Shop - Burnie’s son has taken over and last I heard
they were investing in a laser welder.

Or Jewelers Workshop - Jurgen Maertz’s brother runs this operation

Jennifer Dewey
Telluride, CO
When will it stop snowing up here?

I work on silver but I am located in Tennessee. If thats ok I could
take over your accounts… Thanks Chris Weatherington. Middle
tennessee jewelry Services