[Looking4] [TN] Lapidary service

I need help to find a good lapidary to service and recut precious
and semi precious stones. Were in the Memphis, TN area. Thank you so

I have a guy here in Denver that is reasonable and good and has a
fast turn around. Contact me off line.

Richard Hart G.G.
Denver, Co. 80210


You are looking for a talented and capable lapidary to do many kinds
of faceting and other work, right?

I do not do this kind of work for others (I have a rule of only
cutting my own material), but a friend of mine does.

His name is Chris Wolfsberg and he used to live in TN, currently he
has relocated to MA.

He can do flat faceting, concave faceting, carving, (cabbing too I
think) and combinations of these techniques. As a winner of at least
two AGTA Cutting Edge Awards he can do some pretty nice work.

Contact him via his cel phone at 910-200-7383.

Hope this helps!
John Dyer

Be glad to discuss this with you, re-polish and or re-cutting.

Kenneth & Merilyn Sieh