[Looking4] The Groovy Tool and John Burton

I am trying to contact John Burton to know more about and buy his
Groovy Tool for making precision grooves into metal sheet.


I tried contacting John a few times by email, but no luck. John if
you read this, can you please contact me. Or if anybody has his email
address, can you please send it to me.


Hi Andreas,

it looks like from your email address this will be a very long
distance call, but his phone number (buried on the website at
http://www.2roses.com/burtondesign/pages/pricelist.html) is
949-461-9518. The US phone book shows that it is still a current
number at the same address in Laguna woods California, for a John
Burton, but the phone book says “John M. Burton” while his website
says “John S. Burton”?

If you don’t hear back from him, let me know, I’ll call the number
for you and see if there is a current email address.

Hope that helps in any way…


Hi Kevin,

I just received a message telling me that John passed away last
year. Which is very sad, apparently he was a very nice man and
excellent jeweller and silversmith.