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[Looking4] Synthetic star ruby

I received a request for a “Capped, synthetic star ruby”. The
following are the characteristics I gleaned from the conversation.=

The gemstone had a backing. Everywhere on the gemstone light hit
produced a star. A jeweler who worked on the piece, set in gold,
heated the gem to the point where the “star” quality was completely
lost. Now the gem is simply transparent red. The gem was cabochon
cut, low dome, oval. Does this sound like a foil back? I hope not, I
got the feeling this man was told this was a very special synthesized
stone. He actually said “I am 72, going on 73, and I don’t want to
die without ever finding this stone”

Thanks for your help!


There are thousands of synthetic star corrundum stones on ebay. They
are pretty easy to tell apart from the natural star rubies and
sapphires once you know what to look for. Simply take you pick.