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[Looking4] Suppliers in San Diego, CA

I want to ask anyone in the jewelry industry in the San Diego area
where you purchase supplies and equipment. Do you get them locally?
If so, where and what kinds of things? Do you mostly order on-line?
If so, from where? I tried the traditional supply stores like
Preciado and Paaz, but one doesn’t have a catalog at all and the
other sells their catalog. I’m afraid that it still irks me that a
company makes you buy a catalog to purchase their equipment and
supplies. I was told it’s because they are not a service operation
and that suppliers like Rio are “service” organizations and charge
more, but they are just suppliers so they sell their catalog. So does
them handing me a catalog make them a “service” operation? That’s
what it sounded like to me. I don’t get it. And besides, how can I
order something from them if I don’t have a catalog? However, so far,
every time I have gone in there to get something, they don’t carry
the item, so I’m hesitant to purchase a catalog. So, I’m wondering if
I’m going down the wrong path and thought to ask local jewelers where
they get their supplies. If anyone can help with this, your
would be most appreciated. Currently I get my supplies
on-line because I haven’t found a good supplier of supplies and
findings in San Diego.


Hi Mary,

My name is Franklin Miranda Kerl, I live in Ramona, california, 45
min. North/East of San Diego I think that i may be able to help you.
I am an authorized Diamond Pacific distributor and can get you some
eguiptment at a substansial savings to you. What exactly you are
looking for? I also design and create cabochons for my own Jewelry
designs and sell any extras when available. I have an extensive
collection of gem rough material which I am now starting to sell
because if i lived to be 500 years old, i will never get to use it
all. but i will keep on trying. If you are interested, please email
me offline. I will be more than happy to help.