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[Looking4] Stone cutting classes

I am wondering if anyone knows about stone cutting classes in the
New England area. I can cut cabs, and carve large rocks, but would
like to learn how to cut stones such as those on the front and inside
of this months Lapidary Journal. I’m located in Northeastern
Massachusetts. Any ideas would be appreciated.


would like to learn how to cut stones such as those on the front
and inside of this months Lapidary Journal. 

For those who don’t get LJ what stones (front and inside) are you
referring to?



Worcester Center for Crafts, offers stone cutting classes. Check out
their web site I know they are having one
course which starts in May? Husband is taking it, so not sure of the
exact dates/times. Good luck!

Taylor River Jewelry Designs, LLC

Just out of curiosity did you speak with the instructors? I checked
the link and all I can find is reference to cutting slabs which is
definitely not the same as cutting the stones that were mentioned.

I might add that those stones (if they are the Ethiopian
Supernatural) are not something ‘easy’ to cut for a beginner. First
it takes a 120 index which is not standard (96 is standard), the
shape is not symmetrical, and the facet layout on the crown is not
symmetrical… the facets are all over the place.

Anyway, I would be interested in knowing if they offer faceting
classes at that location.


"For those who don't get LJ what stones (front and inside) are you
referring to? " 

On the front of the May 2007 LJ and pages 32-34 are fancy carved
stones. I’d like to learn to carve stones such as these…not the
same designs, but what I’d call sculptural. I can do this on larger
rocks like alabaster and soapstone, but not sure what tools and
techniques are used on these smaller gemstones.


At the Worcester Center for Crafts in Worcester, MA we have stone
cutting classes, workshops, and visiting artists. Coming up, we have
a 4 week “Lapidary Techniques” class beginning May 17 with Bernie
Stachura. If that workshop doesn’t suit you, keep an eye on our
website for future workshops. I program
classes and workshops according to what people want to learn, so if
you or anyone else has suggestions for special workshops and such,
or charismatic instructors, let me know.

Good luck!

Alison Bruun
Metals Department Head
Worcester Center for Crafts
508-753-8183 x 3004

Hi Anne,

We are located in NYC the Jewelry District and have been providing
professional lapidary training to students mainly from the jewelry

We’ve different level of training ranges from beginner to advanced
and we only emphasis on practical skills and work methods to equip
the student to be a professional lapidary in a short period of time.
Please check out our web for more details:

Should you have more questions, feel free to contact us.


Lapidary Institute Of America
27W 47th Street, 207
New York, NY 10036

Paula, go check out:

Should give you a basic idea of small stone carving.

Cheers, Hans Meevis.

To all who responded to my question regarding a place to learn stone
carving, thank you. I think I’ve found someone who can give me
enough info to get started. From there on, it’s practice, practice,

Paula Wright

I would like to suggest the Lapidary club that I belong to, the
Quartzsite Gem and Mineral Club, in Quartzsite, AZ. They have a
large shop with a lapidary room where you can learn to do cabachon
cut stones, Opal classes where you can learn to do ople doublets and
triplets, and Faceting classes and open faceting shop. Club is
closed for the summer, but will reopen in late October, Its a good
place to learn the lapidary arts, but you would have to devote some
time to it. The club also offers silversmithng, basic lost wax
casting, wire wrapping and stone carving classes.