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[Looking4] Stone Carver to make chess pieces

My name is Chase VanDyke, and I am reaching out to whomever might
read this email in search of a stone artist capable of transforming
a Virginia Tech Hokie Stone into chess game pieces. My late mom was
an alumnus of VT and, afterher passing, I inherited a great deal of
her belongings. Among these, the Hokie stone. I understand this is
probably a very bizarre request, but I’m hoping that I can find and
hire someone able and willing to make these chess pieces. And if
not, I hope whoever finds this email can point me in the
rightdirection. Dimensions are approximately: 14.74"L x 8.5"W x
5.25"H, and I understand the material is dolomite. Any help is
GREATLY appreciated! Thank you.

Best regards,

Chase- I am so sorry for the loss of your mother. I’m sure someone
here will be able to help or to be able to steer you in the right

There are many talented stone cutters and carvers out there.

A few years back we had a gentleman come to us to replicate a
genuine Bauhaus chess piece in blackened bronze. It seems his nephew
who was six at the time flushed one down the toilet. The nephew is
now a 20 something adult. The gentleman had us cast two. One for the
set and one for the nephew as a memento:-) Have fun and make lots of

Jo Haemer
timothywgreen. com

You can Google :

stone carver rhode island

There are a few very skilled ones in RI. Good luck.


I’m looking to hire someone who is familiar with stone carving to
make chesspieces. Can you point me in the right direction please.
Thank you!



I began my career as a stone and wood sculptor carving large pieces.
I also carve small sculpture and jewelry in wax. Perhaps I can help.
My email is: tafschaefer [at] You can see some of my carvings and
my belt buckles here:

Hi Taf!

Thank you very much for reaching out to me! I tried using the email
you provided to contact you, but I don’t think the full email address
came through. Can I trouble you to try sending it again? Thank you!


You can see some of my carvings and my belt buckles here: 

Very Nice!!