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[Looking4] Sterling Silver discs

I need a number of 20 ga SS discs in 2.5" dimension. Have checked
with a number of suppliers w/o success. Metalliferous supplies in
copper - but advise they can’t supply sterling.

Any suggestions?

Jim Baird

HI Jim

I supplied a few dozen discs to a customer the other day. They were
1 7/8" diameter. I ordered the sterling sheet ( 16 ga. ), and had the
discs punched out at a local heating / air conditioning company. They
had punch dies of all sizes.



Two suggestions off the top of my head but you may have already
thought of them.

  1. Don’t know where Metaliferous is in relation to you
    geographically but how about supplying them the silver and having cut
    the disks out, or

  2. if all else fails get to with the hand saw and elbow grease and
    cut the out yourself - depending on how many you need.

Good luck,

When I need circles of 20 gauge, they are too hard for me to cut out
with my disc cutter, so I resort to using my hydraulic press. I have
made circle dies of different sizes out of Plexiglas, and just ramp
up the press until I hear the metal pop. Perfect circles all the
time. All I need do is some gentle filing on the edges. Of course I
anneal the silver first.


hoover and strong, CGM findings or go to harbor freight and buy
their quite nice disc cutting set on sale right now for 29.95!..rer

Metalliferous has lots. They have a website.

Kim Kershaw

I used to get some from Indian jewelers Supply, probably from Rio
Grande in the findings catalog also.

Goode luck…frankenstein

Hi Jim

According to their online catalog, Hoover & Strong has 2.5 inch
discs (they call them “circles”) but they are 22 gauge. I’ve made
some special orders through H & S & they are wonderfully
accommodating & may be able to substitute 20 ga.

Good luck!C
ristine McC

Hoover and Strong carries SS discs.

Good Luck!
Mary Frances

Ach! CIRCLES - not “discs”. Ironiclly, it was to H&S’s website that I
went first. Completely fooled me.

Ultimately, I made a punch. I sure wasn’t going to saw and true up 15
discs… er, circles.

Thanks, Christine.

Rio Grande has many sterling silver discs in many gauges and sizes.