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[Looking4] Sterling flat findings with loop


I’m looking for a finding like in this photo:

It’s the metal part, excluding the jump rings. As you can see it’s
flat and with a loop. The flat part can epoxy to something and then I
can run some rings around the loop.

I’ve checked Rio Grande (even showed the picture to their customer
service) and Stuller and no luck. Can anyone help? I’m looking for
preferably argentium or sterling, but will settle for base metal if
necessary. The flat part should be around 8 mm wide and the loop as
thick as possible.

I make cuff links and will offer a set as a thank you gift to
whoever can help me out with this.

Thank you all in advance.
Kent Wang

I know it’s no help, but I just make them. I like making this type
of cufflink because you can create a design with two looks. The
wearer simply chooses which type of “button” they want to display.

I have made them by soldering a small, shaped piece of 1mm sterling
(through which I’ve pre-drilled a hole) to the back of the silver
(in my case) “button”. I’ve also soldered a curved (C-shaped) piece
of thick sterling wire onto the back, much like in the photo.