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[Looking4] Sterling Chinese Symbol Charms


I need to locate a wholesaler of sterling chinese symbol charms - I
need 300+. Does anyone know of a good reliable supplier?

Thanks. Please email me.
-Tarah Prater



Try I don’t know if they have exactly what
you are looking for but they have a very large selection.


Joel Schwalb


A link for chinese symbol charms. I don’t know the company but it
was something I was also looking for.

Bonnie Blandford


If you can contact me off line and let me know what you are looking
for exactly. I don’t have a supplier really but my inlaws are
chinese and working with importing exporting… that and I am sure
there is a source here only they are not on the english pages. I
spoke with him briefly and he is willing to look around but we need
to know excatly what you are looking for.