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[Looking4] Special Masonic Stone


Hi all,

I was hoping someone had a older Masonic stone kicking around. I
need a 13 x 18 or larger (I’ll cut down) emblem needs to be cut into
stone with gold leaf or gilding applied. I can’t use one that
attaches through the stone and is surface mounted. I can use a flat
stone however,the original stone ( that we broke during sizing- OUCH
) had a curved bottom with a east to west dome top. Please search
deeply, or provide me with a possible source other then DRS or
Stuller. (they didn’t have it)

Much appreciated,


Hi David, you might want to give Antony a call at Wolf Myro’s in R.I.
They have many many masonic stones. Moslty glass, all vintage but he
might know of stone ones he has in the stone room.

Hope this helps Helen


I will try to find one for you. I will have to go through some boxes
in my storage but that the way it is. Please let me know each day if
you have found one and I will stop my search. I am a Mason and I know
exactly what you are asking for, it’s call “incrusted” square and
compass. If I cannot find one in my boxes, I know how to do the job.

Stephen Wyrick, CMBJ Gemmologist



Can you explain more about this stone? My son and his father-in-law
are masons and I would like to know what this stone is and how it is



Back about Six-Hundred Twenty Five Thousand Years Ago!!! (Kidding)
The Order of Masonry was of special skills that men and women had
that would be employed (modern term) by the upper agents of Monarchy
to make special pieces for recognizing purposes. Special skills
began to group together in order to expedite the process and get
pain. No hourly wages back then. These special “Craftsman” became
recognized for their specialties. In the process of establishing a
undisputed rank was a stage of accomplishment and was hidden in the
symbols and became a brotherhood of specialist. Modern Masonry is
taken from the ways and means of biblical times so as to introduce,
educate with a binding agreement and promote with-in to higher levels
of skills and educations.This is our way of today in a modern step
and huge advancements. We start and we finish, Its all in what one
wants in their lives and the Modern Masonry is a beautiful way to
bond and bring together men, (and women) to perpetuate a good life
and a solid building relationship with those that are willing to be
of this respect and belief.

Stephen Wyrick, CMBJ Gemmologist


Hi David;

Try these guys, A. Goldman at, I don’t
have my catalog handy, I’m at home now, but I remember seeing some
Masonic stones, but maybe not what you need. Worth a look though.
Alan Goldman is one of those retro kind of suppliers like New York
Findings or ALA, they have a lot of that wierd old stuff that used
to be common in the trade back in the days when I got started in this
business. Goldman will custom cut intaglio stones, but it’s very
pricey. The kind you need could possible be done with sand blasting,
if you could find a resist that held up well enough. Then you could
pack it with gold leaf, which would fuse under the pressure of
burnishing into a solid mass. I believe that’s how teeth were filled
in olden days, and it’s probably how that gold inlay was done.

David L. Huffman