[Looking4] SNAG room mate needed. Anyone?

Hi all. If any of you are planning, despite the recession, of
attending the SNAG conference next month in Philadelphia, and happen
to need or have room for a room mate at the hotel, or elsewhere for
the convention, I’d sure like to cut my housing costs for that
convention. Staying at that hotel solo would run almost 700 dollars,
rather steep even if my income was still where it was a few years
ago, and now I’m afraid it’s not. Anyway. Let me know. Few
requirements other than a place to sleep needed. I reserved a room at
the hotel, but that can be cancelled if needed. Planning to arrive
wednesday late afternoon, leaving sunday. I don’t smoke, but I’m not
being picky about whether you do. Fine with either male or female
room mates. I’m a 57 year old pretty harmless old jeweler, if that
info is of use… I’d like to get this resolved as soon as possible.
The conference room share person tells me I’m the only male who’s
asked for a room share, and they don’t normally match opposite sexes,
for obvious reasons, though it doesn’t matter to me at all. Amazing.
In 20 years of these converences, that is the first time that’s
happened. Not sure why. But anyway. Anyone?

Peter Rowe

You might check out Youth Hostels. I stayed at one for the Seattle
SNAG conference. I Googled Philadelphia youth hostels and there is
one right downtown.

Richard Hart G.G.
Jewelers Gallery
Denver, Co.