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[Looking4] Silver repair referral

Tell her the truth. As a Pastor I am sure she has seen it all and
does not fear the truth.

Even if they are lasered they may well need to be re plated which
may cost more than the earrings. Also if the post have both broken
off already, odds are that they will do so again.

Here is your chance to make not just one but many good customers for
life. Sell/make her another pair that are nice. Pastors don’t make
much money so they often don’t buy expensive stuff. Give her a nice
price or just give them to her for free. Pastors are often the most
trusted person in a community and her good opinion of your work will
be the very best advertising you could ever hope for and best of all,
it’s free.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.

-Jo Haemer