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[Looking4] Silver repair referral - Ventura CA

I am looking for somebody who is close to Simi Valley California
that is willing to repair a couple pairs of silver earrings. The
studs are broken from the back. Both are plated. The repair will
require a laser or PUK.

The earrings are owned by our pastor. She asked me to fix them and I
told her that I would not touch them. I didn’t explain that the
repair would almost certainly cost more than the earrings are worth.
I will warn her if you want.

Any volunteers?


I wish I knew of someone in that area. You may want to consult a
museum curator.

Side note: Never suggest to a customer that it their object is not
worth repairing, regardless of what it cost. They may take offense if
it’s sentimental. If someone wants my honest opinion whether they
should put their money into one piece over another, I will tell them.
I have worked on many pieces that are in this category.

Remember the saying: “never assume.”

Jeff Herman