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[Looking4] Silver Manufacturer

Please help Orchid friends. I have been selling sterling silver
jewelry with stones for 3 years now. I have recently lost my person in
Mexico who manufactures some of the jewelry I sell.

I am now looking for someone to make plain bezel pendants with a
simple bail, for uncallibrated stones. The stones vary widely in
size, from fossils to the standard cab. Some pendants have hinges
and some do not. I also have braclets and earrings made.

I would very much like your feedback. I loved the work done in
Mexico, I was very fortunate to have a good craftsman. I would
appreciate any feedback that ya’ll have.

Little Texas Gal

Hello Barbara, I do finished products using the casting process. We
can do bezel setting of standard size round,square,octagon, and oval
stones. If we can be of help, please email me at or call 401-461-7803

Daniel Grandi

Hi Barbara, I had someone contact me many months ago in Mexico that
does this type of work. I do not know the quality of his work, but he
seemed reliable when I spoke with him on the phone. His email is Please let me know how his work is if you
try him.