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[Looking4] Seattle area antique watch experts?

Hi, I have a customer’s Tiffany and Co. pocket watch from around
1885-1895. It needs to be cleaned and hopefully repaired so that it
works. I am unsure of who to take it to, do you all know or have any
recommendations for me? Hopefully in the Seattle area?

thanks again,

Tiffany would be your best bet. If they cannot do it, they would
recommend someone. This is not trivial by any means. Great care is

Leonid Surpin

Hi, This is Stephen,

I just finished a job that has taken the better part of a year, The
pendant watch has closing doors that pop open when the crown is
pressed. It was made in the Retro Era, 30’s perhaps. We re-enameled
the entire case, put a bullet emerald in the crown, made a new
double bail, repaired and replaced the watch parts, cleaned up the
hand engraved dial, replaced the flat springs to flip open the doors
and keep the crown up. Re-framed the photos that were loose inside,
new rectangle domed glass crystal. The case and doors were decorative
engraved, a special machine that is no longer in service, and we put
a mint green transparent glass on the case and doors and
re-assembled it.

I will mail and insure this piece today and wait for the customer to
receive it and call. It was her grandmothers and I know she will
cry. That my story, and I’m stick-en-to-it!!!

Stephen Wyrick, GG, CMBJ

call Gem East - they could tell you who is in the Seattle area. Katie