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[Looking4] S88, NA 57, Argentium casting services

I am returning to the US in two weeks and for the first time I am
bringing wax models which I want to have cast. In the past I have had
my work cast here in Argentina. This year I would like to find a
company that will cast my work in S88, NA57 or Argentium. Any


Hello Ronnie; I work a casting company and we cast alot of de-ox
silver (non tarnishing silver alloy). The company is G&S
manufacturing and our prices are very low and competitive we are
located in Albuquerque New Mexico.

Most of our customers are not local, we ship thier product to them,
many of our customers are very big designers but they don’t want us
to mention who they are so of course we are very confidential.

Give us a try I think you will like us, ask for Tom or Anne.

Hi Ronnie, welcome back! I can recommend Linus Drogs and Au
Enterprises for casting Argentium

Cynthia Eid