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[Looking4] Rolex Supplier or Dealer


Hi All, I have a customer who is looking for a Rolex Sub-Mariner with
the Blue Face. I will be getting all the details later, but I need
a source. Contact me directly if you can help with costs and

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Hi there, I know a supplier for previously owned-newly refurbished
Rolexes here in SF. It’s Pacific In 2 Sta at 210 Post St. #1123
SF,CA 94108. (415)362-7288. It’s owner is Daniel…He is a very
fine watch maker too. His wife has a second store–Time Center at
888 Brannan St. #1145, SF,CA 94103. She may be able to get a new
one… The problem with Rolex(I sold them for 5 years) is that this is
an extrememly tight dealership situation. The number of stores here
has shrunk considerably and Rolex controls the inventory VERY
tightly. But it doesn’t hurt to ask him though… The way the
economy has been, he may come up with one that was hardly–maybe never
worn… Or she might have a handle on one. But your customer has
picked a very popular model. Be careful of the gray market sales.
Always make sure that this is 100% genuine with some kind of
warranty. Any modification voids the Rolex warranty–different dial,
or bezel etc…Out of Florida there are brokers you can deal with but
usually they will service the watch… Again try to use someone
reputable. Hope this helps! Sincerely, Jo-Ann Maggiora Donivan


Roles is hard to procure without being a dealer. You may do what
we do at our store and that is call a jeweler that does carry the
line and approach them to see if they will help you out. Or just
plain ole send your customer there. You will lose the sale of the
watch but you willgain the appreciation from the customer for
helping them get their watch. Good Luck



Mary is soooo right about this one… I send my customers to
another store here in my small town and he sends all of them to me
for appraisals and estate jewelry! We have a great relationship and
I know we both do well. I have realized that some stores worry
about what the “other fellow does” and they might loose a lot of
sleep and a few sales … and some of us just go about doing what
we know is right and best! Customers really appreciate the honesty
and help too!


Thanks everyone for all the great info. I have just discovered
through further prying, that this customer is just looking for a
deal… He does not care if it is new or used, or if it fell off a
truck or had its ID # filed off. I think he wants to cap his
expense at $2500. I have already told him that I have no way to
help him; so I think the issue i

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Silverfoot That is the case 4 out of 5 times. They just like to talk
the game and seldom come through. I used to tell those coming in who
said they wanted such and such a Rolex. You give me $100.00 to
scout out what’s around, I’ll get 4-5 watches close to or equal to
what you request. If you buy one I’ll take the $100.00 off the price
if not I keep it for all my troubles. Maybe 2 out of a two dozen
over 5 years put up the Franklin and I delivered what they wanted.
That was around 13 yrs ago. Now I have maybe 4 high end watch
dealers to turn to. I just get on the net, locate what they want
while they are with me. If they agree to the price we settle 1/2 up
front balance on acceptance and delivery. Those that are BS walk
and make excuses but most take the deal.

Jim Mannella


Agreed. Same thing happens when I price custom work in gold.
People figure that since the silver pieces are a couple hundred
dollars, that the gold can’t be that much more. Most people have no
clue as to the price per ounce differential between the two metals,
and when you tell them, a lot of jaws drop and the customer winds up
saying “Well, I guess I can live with the silver one.”