[Looking4] [Richmond, VA] Studio space

Hi All,

I am finally down in VA, having escaped the cruel Winter in Perry,
NY, with my horse, and dog to work until June.

I brought all of my jewelry tools and some machines with me to be
able to work (when I have some free time from the farm) so I don’t
lose my business altogether-:slight_smile:

I’m living in Powhatan but there isn’t any available room there even
for a table, I’m still sleeping on the floor. The farm where I work
from 8-6 during the week, and 8-10 on weekends, although very
encouraging about me having time to ‘create’, doesn’t have any room
either, so I am trying to find a small space to rent time to work.

If anyone has any ideas, bring them on. I’ll be here until June, and
just reading Orchid every morning at Panera before work, is only
making me want to work on my jewelry even more.

Kind regards,

Hi there: I’ve taken two jewelry classes at the Visual Arts Center
in Richmond. Perhaps you could use their workspace (students have
access to it during hours) or you could contact one of the various
jewelry instructors to see if they have any suggestions. Here’s their
website: http://visarts.org

Hi Dinah,

I have a studio at Artworks at 320 Hull Street, just south of
downtown, across the Manchester bridge. I know that they usually
have studios available for short or long term rent, around $
230/month. There is also Plant Zero next door. The whole Manchester
area is full of artists, from wood and glassworkers to ceramics and
jewelry. I hope you find what you are looking for. Don’t hesitate to
email me if you have any questions or would like to meet up.

Best regards,
Jacqueline McLoughlin