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[Looking4] Reputable Diamond Vendor

I have been a long time lurker and a fascinated by the wealth of
here. Thanks to all. I recently had a customer give me
an out of fashion pendant with 4 diamonds. She wanted to remount
them but we have decided that they are to large. There are 4 just
under a 1/2 carat each. Does anyone know of a reputable vendor that
will take them on trade for smaller stones?

First of all have the diamonds graded by a GG in whom you have
confidence. Vendors of diamonds do not always know grading of stones
but accept what they are told is “the case”.

Hello, One doesn’t generally trade diamonds in to a third party,
jewelers usually trade the customer for better upgraded goods in
exchange for older cut, or chipped or just stones the client doesn’t
wnat… Why not trade for them at an agreed upon price and sell her
new smaller diamonds? It is pretty good deal for you both if you can
come up with a price. One generally doesn’t pay retail or even
wholesale to the client when they trade in stones.

I am sure we can all have a long discussion on what would be a
reasonable trade value. The point is that both of you can be happy.
You can make something with the diamonds to make more money in a
later project.

BUT don’t trade for diamonds you won’t use, crap is still crap no
matter how cheap it is. There are lots of variables regarding the old
diamonds values. Are they at all well cut? Are they chipped or burnt?
What color and clarity are they? Etc. You need to know or decide on
all of these issues before you offer her a value. [If they are
chipped but good color you might consider trading and recutting for

Generally, a diamond dealer isn’t going to take in diamonds that are
low quality, old or poor cuts. If, they agree to take these stones
don’t expect to receive more than 65% of wholesale for the stones at
most. If this whole venture makes you uncomfortable and they are
chipped or poorly cut, consider having them recut for her. Then you
can design around the recut stones. It isn’t very expensive to have
done and of course she pays all of the costs plus insurance plus your

There is [or was] a good diamond cutter in the Raleigh NC area, the
name is Diamant Verbeist. His name is Dirk [I think]. I have had him
cut stones in the past, he did a really great job. He will cut
according to your desires, if possible or tell you what he can do.
Usually one wants to keep the stone as big as possible but acheive a
better cut, removing chips etc. Talk with him.

Good luck. Dennis