[Looking4] Replacemnt wedding band


Unfortunately I recently lost the wedding band that my wife bought me
when were married 13 years ago and I am looking for a replacement
band like the old one. It was originally purchased at a jewelry store
in Alexandria, VA which is no longer in business, so no going back to
the original source. It was 18k yellow gold with milgrain edges and a
hand engraved vine around the middle of the band. It was comfort fit
and had British hallmarks. I believe it was made by Britannia or B&N.
An e-mail to B&N proved to be less than helpful. A Google search has
only yielded a couple of unappealing alternatives. I would appreciate
any pointers to where I might find a ring like this.


If you have pictures that would be helpful. Does it match your wife’s
ring? If so a custom ring could be created. There are so many
companies that go in and it of business, so it might be difficult to
find exactly what you’re looking for. You’d be surprised how close
if a reproduction you could get from a few good photos. Let me know
if you need help with that project. We do that kind if work ail time.


Hello Scott, I can duplicate your ring from a matching ring or
photographs or I can just listen and make sketches. I own Facets
Fine Jewelry in Arlington, Va. Let me know if I can help. Tom Arnold

Scott, if you contact me at [denverjeweler at gmail dot com] I might
be able to help replace the band.

Richard Hart

Apparently I did not make my original e-mail clear. I am not looking
for someone to make a custom band, I could do that myself. What I am
looking for is some who retails the particular Brown & Newirth (B&N)


Why don’t you just email them and ask. It does not look like this
particular pattern is part of the current product line but I bet
they can check their records and make you a new one. Cheers, Karen

Try this company Alisa Unger Designs - Home They
represented B&N for a while and might still do, just not sure.

Good luck!
Gene Callaway