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[Looking4] RD10-15 Rainbow Moonstone

I have a job that I am trying to get done, but am having a heck of a
time finding a rainbow moonstone cab. I need one that is anywhere
between 10 and 15mm in diameter. Depth isn’t wholly important – some
nice color would be, though. I don’t have a huge budget to spend on
this ring, as it’s not a high-end piece. Just something blingy and
pretty for my customer. Is there anyone out there that might have one
in their stash that they’re willing to part with, or can someone cut


Dear Jennie,

I sell a very good grade of 10mm round natural rainbow moonstone
cabochon, as well a as much less expensive & substantially larger

Contact me off-line for more

Kind regards,

Mary Stachura
Joseph P. Stachura Co., Inc.


My understanding is that rainbow moonstone has pretty much been
mined out so the only material you’re going to find is older stuff.
The better stuff has gone through the roof in pricing because of
this. 10-15 mm (you don’t say if you want round or not) is pretty big
for better quality material. On the other hand there has been some
blue sheen moonstone available lately that is quite pretty and looks
a lot like the rainbow material that had blue in it.

Daniel R. Spirer, G.G.
Daniel R. Spirer Jewelers, LLC

Hong Kong Lapidary has them, at lwast in their catalog.

Janet Kofoed

Jennie – Call Manu at Blue Moon Enterprise. (760) 438-9237 or email
bluemoonent at hotmail dot com

They are a moonstone specialist-- we see them at the AGTA shows,
Tucson, Vegas. The have the best selection of quality moonstone that
I have seen, including Rainbow. Nice folks, great source. Not
affiliated, you can use Mardon as a referral.

Jim Sweaney CGA, FGA, GG
Mardon Jewelers.