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[Looking4] PUK 2 arc welding system

I was a dentist in my “other life”, but I often got sidetracked
casting jewelry instead of crowns and bridges. I was the only
dentist I knew who had a Thermatrol (Jelenko electric casting
machine) in my office, and I cast all my post and cores. I
occasionally cast a crown or a bridge for a patient in a hurry who
couldn’t wait for the laboratory processing.

I stopped chairside practice in 1986 due to osteoarthritis which
affected my manual dexterity. Now, all these years later, I started
making jewelry again. My dexterity hasn’t improved but that’s not an
issue as long as there is no living tissue in the path of my

Today I learned about the PUK 2 arc welding system and I believe it
is the perfect addition to my limited outfitting for what I do. It
was suggested to me that I come here in the hope that someone out
there may have one of these machines that he/she will be turning in
on a terminated lease.

My hope is to puchase that lightly used machine at a more reasonable
price (like 50% discount) from the brand new PUK 2 MSRP of $3.5k and

Anyone out there have a PUK 2 on a lease that is ending? If you are
turning it in with all your leased equipment so you can again get
all new equipment on your next lease, I want to take it from you
before you give it back to the company.

Now all I need to do is find a way to make this happen.

SUGGESTIONS? All are welcome!

Have you tried the PUK2 welding system yet? What are you planning to
do with it? Filling porosity in casting? Tack welding before
soldering? Welding wires together? Etc,etc… Besides looking for an
inexpensive way to buy one-please make sure if it will work for what
you do in jewelry.

The PUK2 does many laser applications, but not all. Not only do you
need the PUK2 itself, but many of the accessories are also needed.

See if there is someone near you who has one for you to work with.
If not, let me know and perhaps we can work out some time for you to
try it. We have one here and swear by it. Just couldn’t justify the
cost of a laser right now and this was a MUCH less expensive

I seriously doubt that you will find one at 50% of retail but good
luck in your hunt.

Best wishes,
Ruthie Cohen
Mountain Metalsmiths School of Jewelry & Lapidary

Hi Jess,

I have a PUK2 for sale. It has all the extra including a microscope
shield. I paid $4200.00 for the entire set up. I will sell for
$2800.00 US$ This has be very lightly used. I only used two the
needles. This machine is extra capacity that I do require.

It includes:
The base unit and handle.
Stand for the hand piece (hands free welding)
Contact pliers.
Contact locking tweezers
Contact clip
Contact bench plate.
Blinking Visor shield
Blinking Microscope shield
Gas Regulator
eight full needle probes and two half needle
Instruction book and tape.

Everything can be shipped to either USA or Canada, Money Odder, or

Jim Zimmerman