[Looking4] Onyx with white bottom

Hi, I’m duplicating a fathers signet ring for his two sons. The Onyx
stone in his ring is sort of a rectangle with two curved ends. There
is a large “W” in Old Engligh script cut into it. The stone is about
19 x 12 mm. There is a black layer of about .5mm on top of a white
bottom that I’m estimating to be about 3mm thick. The overall effect
is that the cut “W” shows the white under the black layer. The
character of the “W” is about 13mm high and 8.5mm wide. Does anyone
know if these are commercially available some where, OR, is there
someone that will cut such pieces? J.A.

John, I know of one gem carver who can do that job for you. I’ve seen
his work, and he’s a master. His name is Chavdar Chushev at 4201
Morro Drive, Woodland Hills, CA; telephone, (818) 999-3591. Best of
Luck! Peter Slone

John They do this kind of work in Idar-Oberstein in Germany. They are
famous for their onyx and agate work. I do not have any contacts
there though. Maybe one of our European list members knows someone to


James Binnion Metal Arts
4701 San Leandro St #18
Oakland, CA 94601


My specialty is carving carnelian signet rings in intaglio to create
3D wax seals. I am currently working on creating a web page. I have
some examples of my work that I can send to you, if you are

Thanks for your consideration.
Epaul Fischer
Gryphon Song Creations