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[Looking4] Old Lapidary Journal Articles

I have a project for this year which involves a carved semi-precious

I have looked back in my pile of old Lapidary Journals and came
across a series of articles by Thomas McPhee that look good, but I
have several missing in the middle of the series.

Is there anyone in the UK who has them and would photocopy them for
me? I would happily pay costs, they are usually 2-3 pages each.

The ones I have missing are as follows

5th - 2/1996 - "Making a Maquette"
6th - 5/1996 - "Getting a Rough Start"
7th - 9/1996 - "Transferring Your Design"
8th - 8/1997 - "Preparing the Rough"
9th - 2/1998 - "Smoothing Surfaces"
10th - 5/1998 - “Refining the Shape of Your Carving”

regards, Tim Blades.

Do you know that Lapidary Journal [I believe the name has changed]
keeps an archive? Contacting them for copies would seem the obvious