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[Looking4] Non-functioning electric melting furnace donation

Unusual Appeal for Charity

I am seeking the donation of a broken, non-functioning electric
melting furnace. Unusual? Yes. Let me explain. Some of you may know
that I work with another US citizen (Laura Brito) who has organized
a co-op workshop in Mexico which is focused on teaching young women a
trade in order to strengthen their families. Most of their sales are
brass and copper stampings of all different shapes and sizes. More
recently, they are making copper and brass castings using a very
basic setup.

Otto Frei has a current special on a new Kerr Electromelt that
requires thetrade-in of an old melting furnace, functioning or not.
We are currently working on some donations that will allow Laura to
pay the cost of the new furnace (although cash donations are always
welcome). What we really need is a donation of an old melting furnace
for the trade-in. Please let me know if you can help us out (Jamie at
LaurasJewelryWorkshop dot com). Thanks so much for all your support.

Jamie King

Hi Jamie,

I was much in the same boat you were. I found on Ebay a very much
used old-style Kerr electric melter for parts for $300. I found that
the only thing actually wrong with it was that the mechanical safety
interlock for opening the flask was not working.

So, I removed the interlock, bypassed the switch, and now I have a
working melter.

Your problem could be just as simple and as stupid as that.

Have you considered repairing yours? What’s broken about it?

Andrew Jonathan Fine

I like gas furnaces, much cheaper to make and relatively cost
effective to run.

Faster than most electric melters too :wink:

Regards Charles A.


I’m intrigued by the idea of a gas furnace for melting. Can you
point me in the direction of plans to make one? thanks,

Jamie King,